Travel within the EU

ECC Sweden informs consumers about their rights and provides assistance if problems arise in travel within the EU. We work with issues concerning passenger rights for travel by air, train, bus and boat. We also work with issues concerning package travel and timeshare. We can also assist in problems that can arise when booking hotels, rental cars or event tickets.

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Passenger rights

ECC Sweden has close cooperation with Sweden’s National Enforcement Body (NEB) as we are a part of the Swedish Consumer Agency, which is responsible for this assignment. As an NEB, the Swedish Consumer Agency is the supervisory authority in Sweden that handles matters according to the EU regulation on air passengers' rights. We also collaborate with the Swedish National Board for Consumer Complaints (ARN) to stay abreast of current rulings. Our case officers are also members of ARN.

Joint network projects

Together with the other countries in the ECC Network, we actively work to highlight problems and influence existing legislation. We conduct many joint projects. We cooperate and learn lessons from each other to be able to help the consumers in the best way.

  • In 2015, the network prepared a report on air passengers’ rights. There, we identified what causes the greatest problems for consumers. The report shows that delayed and cancelled flights are what cause the greatest problem. The report focuses on the problems that air passengers reported to the ECC Network from 2014 to June 2015.

  • The network has also prepared a joint position paper on air passenger rights, where we see a need for a revision of EU Regulation 261/2004 as the regulation in some aspects is unclear.

  • The network has mapped where consumers can pursue a dispute with an airline outside court.

  • The network has prepared a report on online travel bookings.

  • It is often precisely during travel that consumers trade across borders. The network has therefore prepared travel tips. Consumers can bring the tips with them in a travel app.

Timeshare and long-term holiday products

Timeshare and similar agreements are often sold through aggressive sales methods to tourists at holiday destinations. The law distinguishes between two different types of agreements: timeshare and long-term holiday products. Both kinds are covered by the same rules and essentially have the same protection for the consumers. Our experience is that the companies often try to ensure that the agreement they offer will not be covered by the directive’s rules and the national legislation. The consumers will probably, after the contract is signed, be informed that they do not have any right of withdrawal and that the directive is not applicable to this particular kind of agreement.

The ECC Network has conducted a study and mapped the typical pitfalls associated with timeshare and similar products. The study also resulted in valuable tips to consumers.   Timeshare – Report

Timeshare Top Ten Tips

Relevant EU legislation

Source: ECC Sweden

Proofread: 9 January 2023