ECC Sweden can assist if a consumer has a problem with a seller in another EU country, Iceland, Norway. We help consumers either through direct advice or through mediation over our sister centres in the ECC Network. We also have a close collaboration with the consumer office in the UK.

Contact for consumers

ECC Sweden is a part of the Swedish Consumer Agency. Consumers can receive help with cross-border matters through the agency’s information service.

Contact the Swedish Consumer Agency’s information service

Press inquiries

Press inquiries are primarily answered by the Swedish Consumer Agency’s press service.

The Swedish Consumer Agency’s press service (in Swedish)

Contact the ECC Director

The ECC Director Nadia Petersson can be reached through the Swedish Consumer Agency’s exchange: Phone number: +46 (0)771 - 42 33 00 Email address:

Postal address:

Konsument Europa / ECC Sweden Konsumentverket Box 48 651 02 Karlstad Sweden

Visiting address:

Tage Erlandergatan 8 A, Karlstad, Sweden


To access ECC Sweden’s statistics, please contact the ECC’s website editorial staff. Email address: Questions are answered promptly during office hours on weekdays.

Source: ECC Sweden

Proofread: 9 January 2023