Dispute resolution

The ECC Network works with information and advice to consumers and assistance in individual cases through mediation attempts with companies. The mediation attempts take place on a voluntary basis. The ECC Network has no enforcement measures to apply. It is therefore not possible to resolve every case. In some cases, it is necessary to have a case tried in court or an alternative to court.

Alternative dispute resolution and dispute resolution in court

In cases when the legal situation is unclear or the trader does not cooperate or respond, the advisers can provide information on alternative possibilities to move on with the case. This can take place in a complaint board or similar dispute resolution outside court (alternative dispute resolution, ADR) or in court in a European small claims proceeding. If the claim is non-contentious, but one can still not get paid according to the claim, one can consider a European payment order.

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Online Dispute Resolution (ODR)

The European Commission has created a website for e-commerce disputes (the ODR platform). There, the consumer can discuss a solution with the trader. The trader can propose a suitable ADR that can examine the dispute. One can find a list of all ADRs within the EU, Norway, Iceland and the UK, which are approved and meet quality requirements with regard to impartiality, effectiveness and availability. ECC Sweden is the contact point for the ODR platform.

The ODR platform

Contact point assignments

Relevant EU legislation

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Proofread: 9 January 2023