National collaboration

ECC Sweden collaborates with many different stakeholders in business and with various authorities, in both time-limited projects and for more long-term purposes.

Network regarding problems with counterfeit goods

ECC Sweden is a part of a network working with counterfeit goods, together with the following authorities: the Swedish Intellectual Property Office, the Swedish Companies Registration Office, the Swedish Consumer Agency, the Swedish Medical Products Agency, the Swedish Police, Swedish Customs and the Swedish Prosecution Authority. The authorities in the network have different missions so they have different starting points in the issue, which is an important prerequisite for the work. Each authority is solely responsible for its own mission. For the participating authorities, the aim of the network is to increase their competency in the area. The problems with counterfeit products have grown as the trade in goods and services has become more international. E-commerce has contributed, but pirate copies are also present in more traditional retailing.

The issue of pirate copies can be divided into two main groups of arguments:

  • issues of product safety

  • issues of the protection of intellectual property rights for the person(s) who developed and/or produce the good or service.

More about the ECC Network’s joint project on counterfeiting goods


ECC Sweden is a part of a Cross Stakeholder Group, where the Pan-Nordic Card Association convenes the meetings. This is a forum for creating common understanding, sharing information and discussing subscription traps. The group has developed to also encompass closely related problems when consumers pay by card, but end up in problems with the seller.

About Pan-Nordic

Europe Direct

ECC Sweden has close cooperation with Europe Direct. It is an information network that is operated by the European Commission together with local and regional actors. The objective is to spread information and knowledge to the public about the EU, citizen rights, legislation, policies and assistance.

About Europe Direct

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Proofread: 10 January 2023