Air Lituanica stops flight operations

    NEWS. Already purchased tickets are valid with Air Baltic.

    Your rights when SAS cancel flights

    NEWS. Many Scandinavian passengers are affected by cancelled flights.

    Time for Eurovision Song Contest in Vienna

    NEWS. Practical information before the big music event in Austria.

    Travel and tourism

    There are rules that protect you when you are travelling.

    Travel in Europe


    Find out what your rights are before shopping online.

    Shopping online

    Vehicles and vessels

    It might be cheaper to buy a car from another EU country.

    Buying a car abroad

    Fraud and hoaxes

    Avoid getting scammed by fraudsters.

    How to protect yourself

    Trade within the EU

    Consumer legislation is harmonized within the EU.

    Buying goods and services


    Timeshares are sold at holiday resorts.

    Holiday clubs

    Tickets and events

    Are you going to a concert or a football game?

    Buying event tickets

    Bank services

    Several EU directives protect you in the financial area.

    Money abroad