Holiday accommodation

Updated: 8/7/2019

Before booking accommodation, such as hotel room, holiday apartment or a cabin, it is important for you to check the hotel or the rental company.

In our e-commerce check list, (see link on the right side of this page) there are a lot of tips that can be of good use to you when booking accommodation.

Since there is no legally established cooling off period when booking accommodation, it is important that you read the terms of agreement thoroughly. Check the cancellation rules, so you know what happens if you need to cancel your booking. Also check the possibilities of taking separate cancellation insurance, should you have to cancel due to illness.

If the hotel does not meet the requirements of the agreement, you may have the right to a price reduction and damage.

Are you dissatisfied with your accommodation?

  • File a complaint immediately in order to give the hotel or rental company the opportunity to remedy the error straight away. Should you wait until you have returned home it is usually too late. A lot of hotels and rental companies demand that you complain in writing and within a certain time period. Check the terms of agreement!
  • If you need further assistance regarding a complaint, please contact ECC Sweden.