Emergency situations while travelling within the EU

Updated: 8/7/2019

There are rules that make it easier for victims of traffic accidents within the EU and the EEA countries, (Norway, Iceland and Liechtenstein). 

Information on these rules should be found at information centres in each country, and should include what claims settlement representatives are appointed by the insurance company in that country. The information centre should also be able to answer queries on where a vehicle is insured.

The Ministry for Foreign Affairs (MFA)

The MFA and the embassies assist and advise Swedish travellers, Swedes who reside abroad, those planning events such as weddings abroad, or with other needs pertaining to civil law matters. The MFA and the embassies are prepared to act in the event of a major crisis, and carefully monitor events around the world.

One important task of the MFA and Swedish embassies is to provide help and advice to Swedes abroad (consular aid). Read more about this on the MFA’s website, via the link next to this page.