Air strikes

Updated: 10/24/2017

Air passengers' rights are governed by an EU regulation. It applies to the entire EU as well as Norway, Iceland and Switzerland. When a strike is the reason that the flight did not go according to schedule, the same rules apply as for cancelled and delayed flights.

Anyone affected by a cancellation due to strike has mainly these rights:

  • Right to re-routing or reimbursement of the ticket.
  • Right to food and drinks.
  • The right to hotel accommodation.
  • You may also be entitled to reimbursement for expenses or compensation.

At an air strike you always have the right to assistance, but the flat-rate allowance may vary from country to country. Keep in mind that if you choose a refund of the ticket, the airline no longer has any obligation to pay for accommodation and meals.

In extraordinary circumstances when a flight is cancelled, the airline may fully or partially exempt from its liability to pay compensation. An assessment of whether or not a situation is extraordinary is made from case to case.

This means that there are no defined situations that are always extraordinary. The basic rule is that during the strike the same rules apply as for delayed or cancelled flights.