Damaged luggage

Updated: 8/7/2019

If your luggage is damaged during your flight, you must report this straight away in the arrival hall at the airport. You cannot leave the airport and return later with the luggage, since you are then unable to prove that it is the same luggage you travelled with.

Do this if your luggage is damaged

  • Report the damaged luggage straight away in the arrival hall at the airport. You will then receive a so called Property Irregularity Report. Save all documentation you receive when you file your report.
  • Send in your report within 7 days after arrival.
  • If you are not happy with the answer from the air carrier - please contact ECC Sweden.

If your checked in luggage is damaged, you may have right to compensation. The carrier is liable if it was responsible for the damage.

If you are travelling with expensive items, you might be able – for a fee – to obtain a compensation limit higher than €1,223 by making a special advance declaration to the airline – at the latest when you check in. The best thing is, however, to take out private travel insurance.

There is no standard form for the special declaration. It is up to the airlines to choose the type of form they provide.

For more information on air passengers’ rights, go to the European Commission’s website, via the link on the right side of this page.