Airline in bankruptcy

Updated: 7/2/2015

If the airline you are travelling with goes bankrupt, the normal procedure is to submit your claim to the bankruptcy trustee. Information regarding each specific bankruptcy is usually found on the airline’s website. 

In the event of a flight cancellation you should be given a choice between rerouting to your final destination or a refund for the part, or parts, of the journey cancelled or not completed due to the cancellation.

If you choose rerouting instead of a refund, the air carrier should offer you an alternative flight to your final destination at the earliest opportunity, or at a later date of your choice subject to the availability of seats. If the air carrier offers you a flight to an alternative airport in the region, the air carrier must bear the cost of transferring you from that alternative airport to the one in your reservation or to another close-by destination agreed with you.

For more information on your rights in the event of flight cancellation, please go to the European Commission’s website, via the link on the right side of this page.