Customs and VAT within the EU

Updated: 8/7/2019

Goods bought within the EU do not need to be presented to the customs.

However, certain goods are subject to special regulations for environmental protection and public health and security. Examples of such goods are arms, medications, and animals.

The Swedish Board of Agriculture is the public authority responsible for regulations on importing animals into Sweden. You can also find more information about regulations for bringing goods into or out of Sweden in the customs guide on the Swedish Customs website. You will find links to the both of them to the right on this page.

Purchase on the premises

You pay for VAT in the country of purchase if you buy goods on the premises in another country within the EU and also transport them back to Sweden yourself. New cars, motor cycles and boats are exceptions.

Online shopping and mail order purchase

If you order goods online or mail order from a company in another country within the EU special taxes regulation apply. An online company or mail order company who are selling products to consumers in Sweden have to be VAT-registered if their annual turnover exceeds 320 000 SEK. If not, the trader report about the VAT in his own country and you will have to pay for VAT applied in the trader country.

You do not have to check whether the trader is VAT-registered in Sweden or not. The price given should include the correct VAT. Read the information from the trader carefully and make sure that the VAT is included in the price.

Find more information about distance purchases and VAT on The EU information centre’s website. Find the link to the right on this page.