Customs and VAT outside of the EU

Updated: 8/7/2019

Before travelling, we recommend you to check what import regulations apply.

An import license is required for some goods, such as food and textiles. Other examples of goods requiring authorization are arms, syringes, needles, endangered animals and plants, wine and liquor.

When entering Sweden from a country outside the EU, you may bring goods with a total value of 4 300 SEK without paying duty and tax if you are arriving on a commercial flight or ferry. If you are arriving by other means of travel, the corresponding total amount is
3 000 SEK.

Travellers buying goods in a country outside the EU and sending them home to Sweden will be charged based on the total value including shipping and insurance.

Customs for products vary

The cost for customs and VAT vary for different products. To find out how much customs to pay check the Swedish Customs website or call their information service at 0771-520520. The VAT for most goods is 25 percent. For food the VAT is 12 percent and for daily newspaper, books and magazines the VAT is often 6 percent.

Read more about Customs and VAT outside of the EU on the Swedish Customs webpage. Find the link to the right on this page.