Checklist for traders

Updated: 4/8/2015

Commercial warranties are becoming increasingly common, and that extra security might make the consumer to choose one product over the other. But what is most important to keep an eye on, as a trader?

As a trader, you are obliged to follow the rights given to the consumers by the legal guarantee, which is at least two years for citizens of all EU countries including Iceland and Norway. In Sweden the guarantee stretches to three years by law. The consumer's statutory rights in this area are not negotiable, and as a trader you are also required to inform the consumer about it. 

For a commercial warranty to be worthwhile, it needs to offer the consumer something in addition to his or her legal rights. But what can you do to stand out from the competition, and to be taken seriously by the consumer? Is your commercial warranty in line with what consumers expect and deserve? Take a look in the checklist below to make sure:

  • Do you correctly inform the consumer about the legal guarantee to which he/she is entitled?
  • Do you clearly state who is the guarantor?
  • Do you clearly state the price of the service?
  • What services are offered under the commercial warranty?
  • What are the duration and the starting point of the commercial warranty?
  • What defects and situations are covered?
  • What costs are covered?
  • What is excluded?
  • If your customer purchases cross-border, are there any geographical restrictions to coverage under the warranty?
  • How easy is it to make a claim under the commercial warranty?
  • Do you offer assistance to consumers during repair or replacement?