Checklist for consumers

Updated: 4/13/2015

When making a more expensive purchase, such as appliances and TV equipment, it is easy to be attracted by offers of a commercial warranty. But do you really need additional protection, beyond what you are entitled to by law? And is it worth paying extra for it?

As a consumer and citizen of all EU countries, Norway and Iceland, you have the legal right to complain if an purchased item turn out to be defective. According to the legal guarantee that is common for all countries, you have the right to do so for at least two years. So, the question is what value a commercial warranty adds – especially of you have to pay extra for it. 

The legal guarantee is mandatory for all vendors in the countries mentioned above, and no one can tell you otherwise. Since the protection given to consumers by law in Europe is so strong, it is important to thoroughly examine the offers given in an offered commercial warranty. But which questions should you ask, to determine if the extended guarantee are worth the money? Here are a few key points:

  • Do you already have warranty coverage or insurance, for example owing to your credit card giver, for the item you are going to purchase?
  • Has the seller informed you about the legal guarantee to which you are entitled?
  • Who is offering the commercial warranty?
  • How much does the commercial warranty cost?
  • What is the duration and the starting point of the commercial warranty?
  • What services are offered under the commercial warranty?
  • What defects and situations are covered?
  • What is excluded?
  • What costs are covered?
  • If you purchase cross-border, are there any geographical restrictions to coverage under the commercial warranty?
  • How easy is it to make a claim under the commercial warranty?
  • Will you be offered any assistance during repair or replacement?