Updated: 2/8/2016

The trader must provide the following information on their website:
  1. The name and address of the trader and the business registration number
  2. The main characteristics of the product or service
  3. The total price, including taxes and fees, of the product or service
  4. The delivery costs
  5. The different payment methods
  6. The date for and information on delivery
  7. Information on the cooling off period and exclusion
  8. Information on the existence of a legal guarantee of conformity for goods
  9. For how long the offer is valid
  10. Where applicable, the minimum duration of the contract

After the purchase the trader has to give you a written confirmation of the concluded contract and he is also obliged to send you information about:

  • The right to withdraw/cooling off period
  • How the cooling off period is calculated
  • What to do if you want to cancel the purchase
  • What happens after you have cancelled the purchase
  • Who to contact if you want to cancel the purchase
  • That you have to pay for sending the goods back to the trader, unless agreed otherwise.
  • That you are liable for diminished value of the returned goods.
  • Warranties and service
  • The conditions to cancel the agreement if it is indefinite or exceeds one year

The information should be given to you as soon as the contract has been concluded or at the latest upon delivery even if it occurred at an earlier time.

The information should be given to you in a document that you can save. It is up to the trader to prove that you have received the information.

Data protection

Check the site's privacy policy and be wary if there isn't one. A privacy policy describes the type of personal information that is collected from you, the reason the information is collected, and who will have access to the information.

Your right to customer services without extra charges

If the trader operates a customer service telephone helpline, you cannot be charged more than the basic telephone rate[1]. Traders are obliged to use as standard (geographic) numbers that are not subject to any special tariff regime. 

[1] In Austria the contract has already been concluded. Only for customer service hotlines referring to a concluded contract the charge cannot be higher than the basic rate.