Buying a boat or water scooter

Updated: 8/7/2019

New and imported boats, water scooters and certain equipment need to meet a number of environment and safety requirements, according to Directive 2003/44/EC (amending Directive 94/25/EC) on Recreational Craft. They have to be CE-certified. 

What is a CE-certificate?

A CE-certificate proves that the boat meets the basic health- safety and environmental requirements, as protection for the consumer.

What does the CE-certification requirements include?

  • Second hand imported boats should meet the same requirements as newly built CE-certified boats.
  • Every imported boat has to be tested and be documented according to the Directive on Recreational Craft.
  • CE-certification requirements include all boats and water scooters from 2½ to 24 meters, manufactured within the EU or imported to EU. Certain equipment on the boat has to be CE-certified as well.
  • Rules on emission and noise are regulated by the Directive on Recreational Craft and governed by the regulations of Swedish Maritime Administration.
  • Engines are also covered by other regulations, i e Directive 2006/42/EC on machinery monitored by the Swedish Work Environment Authority (SWEA).
  • Every boat that has not previously been CE-certified has to be inspected. The inspection can only be made by a so called reported organ that makes an assessment if the boat meets the CE-certification requirements. When the reported organ has examined the boat and has made an assessment - and when possible defects have been corrected - the organ issues a certificate and a Craft Identification Number for the boat.

Who is responsible for the CE-certification?

If you import a boat into the EU market it is your responsibility to get it tested and CE-certified.

Even if a boat has already been CE-certified by a manufacturer outside of EU, it is your responsibility to make sure that it is correctly certified and you must, on request from the Swedish Transport Agency, be able to show the technical documentation as proof of the CE-certification requirements.

If you buy a second hand boat in another EU-country and bring it into Sweden, you pay VAT in the country where you buy the boat.


If you buy a boat from a trader, the trader is responsible for defects that are there on delivery. Within the EU and Norway and Iceland, the legislation concerning the trader’s responsibility has been harmonized. You can find more information on your rights in the article “To file a complaint”next to this page.

If you buy the boat from another individual, consumer legislation does not apply to the purchase.