Checklist – before the purchase

Updated: 8/7/2019

Before buying a timeshare or a holiday club membershop, there are things to consider. 
  • Be extremely cautious of companies employing aggressive sales techniques.
  • Is timeshare the best alternative for you? Maybe ordinary holiday accommodation is better?
  • Consider the financial consequences, especially for contracts with longer or indefinite contract period, as it is generally impossible to sell the contract onwards.
  • Read the terms of contract thoroughly and make sure there is a clear exit clause. Make sure that all verbal promises by the seller is written down in the contract.
  • Never sign a contract right away during the sales pitch. Instead take all the documentation and the contract with you and think about it for some time before deciding. If the seller says that you must decide there and then it is a clear indication that something may be wrong with the contract.
  • Always seek independent legal advice before signing a timeshare or similar contract.
  • Use common sense. Don’t believe all the seller tells you. There are far too many unserious sellers on this market.