Checklist when buying event tickets

Updated: 1/9/2015

To avoid problems when buying tickets, there are a couple of things worth considering. 
  • Buy your ticket from an authorized trader.
  • Be aware of the fact that some traders may overcharge you for the tickets.
  • Check the trader’s contact information, and if the company has a customer service.
  • If you are buying the tickets online from an unknown trader – check the website.
  • Check the trader’s terms of agreement. You are legally bound to them, whether you have read them or not. The condition is of course that they have been available to you prior to the purchase.
  • Keep in mind that you do not have a cooling off period when buying tickets online or on the premises according to the Swedish law on distance contracts. Once you have paid, you are bound by your purchase.
  • Check the terms of agreement regarding resale of the tickets.
  • Check the authenticity of the ticket with the issuer before buying it. Ask the trader for the ticket’s serial number and then contact the issuer.
  • Find out what the delivery terms for the tickets are.
  • When booking your ticket, you have to give out some information. Check that this information is correct when you have received your ticket.
  • Pay by credit card. You then have the possibility to turn to the bank should your ticket not be delivered as agreed.