Buying second hand vouchers

Updated: 8/7/2019

A gift certificate or voucher is valid for ten years if no time limit is specified. It is possible to agree on a shorter time, but then it has to appear on the gift certificate.

It is therefore important that you check the expiration date when buying a gift certificate.

Never buy a second hand traveller's check or gift certificate if you have not checked the serial number, expiration date and the value with the issuer. It is important that the issuer confirms that the ticket/gift certificate is genuine and that it may be resold. Several travel companies have specific information regarding resale of gift certificates in their terms of agreement.

Check the trader

To avoid problems when buying gift certificates online, it is important to check the trader’s reviews, the number of transactions carried out and what the grade is based on.

If you receive the code by e-mail only, you have reason to be suspicious. The same code may have been sold to several people and there may not be any physical gift certificate.

What happens if the trader goes bankrupt or switches owner?

If the trader goes bankrupt, there is a risk that the gift certificate is worthless, and if ownership changes, it might not be possible to use the gift certificate anymore. What matters is whether there is an agreement between the old and the new owner to take over such obligations to customers.

Checklist when buying second hand vouchers

  • Check the authenticity with the issuer 
  • Refrain from purchasing second hand gift certificates when the issuer cannot verify the authenticity. 
  • Check the expiration date and the value of the traveller’s cheque/gift certificate 
  • Check if the ticket is transferable. 
  • Do not give out the booking number to someone you do not know. 
  • Always be alert and critical. Does it seem reasonable? Is it too good to be true?