Buying second hand tickets

Updated: 8/7/2019

In connection with big concerts and sports events it is possible to buy second hand tickets. The tickets are advertised online by private individuals or by organizations that are specialized to sell second hand tickets on websites. 

Buying a second hand ticket online can be risky. As a consumer you do not have any consumer protection if the authorized trader decides to cancel your ticket at the gate. This might happen if the ticket is purchased in violation of the trader’s terms of agreement.

Second hand traders cannot guarantee that you will be able to enter the event since they have no control over the system and inlet.

These days, ticket control to virtually all major events is automated, which means that each ticket is read by a machine.

Check if the ticket is personal

It is not illegal to buy second hand tickets, but check if the ticket is personal. If you cannot identify yourself with the right name, the organizer may refuse to let you in.

Check the rules of the country that you order from

In some countries there are regulations concerning second hand event tickets. In Sweden, it is not illegal to buy, trader and resell event tickets.

Make sure the ticket is genuine

There is no guarantee that the ticket is genuine. Always check with the issuer. Ask the trader for the ticket’s serial number. Then contact the issuer, for example the concert organizer. If the event is cancelled you risk not getting a refund for your ticket.

Some traders advertise that they have tickets for events before the tickets are released. This is strictly misleading since it is not possible to buy a ticket before the ticket release.

If your tickets are not delivered

  • Contact the trader in writing. 
  • If the case is not solved – please contact ECC Sweden via the complaint form on the right side of this page. Do not forget to attach all documentation, (i.e. booking confirmation, receipt and written correspondence between you and the trader).