Unsolicited goods and services

Updated: 6/18/2015

There are unserious companies on the market, who send people non-ordered goods or invoices for non-ordered goods or services. 

If you receive an invoice regarding something you have not ordered – do not pay the invoice, contact the trader immediately to contest the invoice!

How to contest an invoice:

  • Contact the trader in writing in order to contest the invoice. You can use the letter template on the right side of this page.
  • State you name, address, phone number and e-mail address. Remember, do not sign the letter! Also write down the number, amount, the date of the invoice, that you are not going to pay the invoice and why.
  • Save a copy. It is best to send the letter as a registered letter.
  • You are not obligated to send back non-ordered goods.
  • You do not have to contest again if you receive a reminder.
  • If you get an invoice from a debt collection office you have to contest that invoice as well. Save a copy of the letter and send it as a registered letter.
  • Contest all invoices you that you are not obliged to pay.

Online valuation services

Beware of tests and services on the Internet. Even if it seems to be free of charge, it usually is not.

Online services that has been reported to The Swedish Consumer Agency:

  • evaluation of carbon dioxide emissions
  • car valuations
  • accommodation valuations
  • credit rating
  • evaluation of lifetime
  • weight loss
  • personality tests
  • lotteries