Nigeria letters

Updated: 8/25/2014

You are contacted by an unknown person via e-mail, letter or over the phone, who claims to be an accountant, a discrowned royalty or a politician. This person wants to use your bank account to be able to transfer great sums of money which are in Africa

Image of ballpoint pen and credit cards.

It might be a bank employee who knows a recently diseased rich person, who has no relatives, and who is offering you part of the wealth, (25-30 per cent of 20- 30 million dollars), in exchange for the possibility to use your bank account for the transfer.

Advice regarding Nigeria letters

  • Do not give out any bank details or other personal information. The fraudsters might use the information to create fake documents, in order to make you believe that you have received the money. And if you believe that, it is usually easier for them to continue tricking you out of money.
  • Never agree to meet the fraudsters.