General advice on counterfeit goods

Updated: 8/7/2019

When shopping on the Internet, it is important to check the authenticity of the goods you are ordering. Counterfeit goods are illegal. Always ask for receipt and check the authenticity of the receipt as well. 

ECC Sweden’s advice on counterfeit goods

  • Refrain from buying products when the quality, the price or the sales method makes you suspicious. If the price is unreasonably low in comparison to the price in Sweden, you might assume that the product is counterfeit.
  • Do not buy famous brands on the beach, on street sales or on squares. Should you accidentally buy counterfeit goods you might end up with a high fine.
  • In Italy, the fine for possession of counterfeit goods could be as high as 10 000 euro. It is much better to shop in a store and get a proper receipt. Then, you can be sure you are not committing a crime. In addition, you often get a product with much better quality.

No warranty for product safety

Counterfeit products seldom meet the safety requirements and can therefore be dangerous.

Report counterfeit goods in ads

To prevent proliferation of counterfeit goods many sales sites cooperate with several brand owners, Report the ad to the brand owner if it contains a counterfeit product.