Test your consumer rights knowledge as trader

Updated: 8/7/2019

Here you can test your consumer rights knowledge as a trader.

1. Which of the following information are you NOT required to display on your website?

2. How long is the consumer’s cooling off period?

3. What happens if you do not inform the consumer of the right of withdrawal?

4. Which of the following statements about the cooling off period is NOT correct?  When a contract has been cancelled...

5. Are you allowed to charge the consumer any extra costs in addition to the price stated on the website?

6. When do you at the latest have to deliver the products to the consumer after an order has been placed?

7. What happens if you fail to deliver the products within the right time? 

8. Who is responsible for lost and damaged goods during the delivery?

9. If you offer supplementary goods or services that the consumer can choose to add to his order, is it permitted to display these as pre-ticked options which requires the consumer has to remove a tick from a box in order to decline the extra option?

10. Is an English company allowed to refuse to sell their product to a Swedish consumer simply by referring them to the equivalent Swedish retailer? 

11. If you send the consumer unsolicited goods, is he required to pay for them?

12. Let’s say you provide anti-aging creams, can you promote the product as reducing wrinkles even if that is not a proved effect?