Updated: 2/8/2016

Here is some information regarding handling of complaints, passing of risk, premium rate customer services, data protection and unsolicited products.

The handling of complaints

Be aware that the regulations concerning faulty products differ according to the national law applicable, but in general the consumer has the right to repair, replacement or reimbursement within, at least, 24 months from the date of purchase.

It is advisable that the consumer should contact you in writing stating their complaint within a moderate time after he/she has detected the defect, if he has received faulty goods or no goods at all. You should keep copies of all correspondence with the consumer regarding the dispute.

Passing of risk (responsibility for the transit of goods)

  • You are held responsible for lost or damaged goods until they are physically delivered to the consumer if your contract includes delivery.
  • If it has been agreed that the consumer will arrange the transportation, the consumer is responsible for the goods directly upon delivery to the carrier.

Premium rate customer services

If you operate a customer service helpline, you are not allowed to charge the consumer any more than the basic telephone rate. To comply with this provision you must use telephone numbers such as standard (geographic) numbers that are not subject to any special tariff regime.

Data protection

Traders are obliged to protect their consumers’ data. You will need a privacy statement if you collect personal data such as order forms, feedback forms etc. by using cookies or other tracking devices, or via users’ IP or email addresses. You may need to register with your local data protection commissioner as a data controller.

Unsolicited products

You are not allowed to deliver products the consumer has not ordered and the consumer cannot be obliged to pay for unsolicited products.[1]