Information requirements

Updated: 2/8/2016

Prior to the contract being concluded, you must provide information about:
  • Your business, including your business registration number, your full trading name and full contact details, such as the geographic address where your business is established and an e-mail.
  • The main characteristics of the product or service.
  • The order, e.g. the number of goods.
  • The total price of the order, including taxes, fees, and delivery costs involved.
  • The arrangements for payment, delivery, and performance.
  • The time by which you undertake to deliver the goods or perform the service.
  • The right of withdrawal and how the consumer exercises this right.
  • The cost for the consumer for using the right of withdrawal, e.g. the cost for returning the goods if the goods, by their nature, cannot normally be returned by post.
  • How to cancel the contract.
  • When concluding a subscription, the minimum duration of the contract and information on how to terminate the contract.
  • Details of any trade register (or similar organisation) in which you are registered, including the name of the register, your registration number or other reference.
  • If your service is subject to an authorisation scheme, details of the relevant supervisory authority.
  • If you are a member of a regulated profession, details of any professional body with which you are registered, any professional titles you hold within the EU-Member States in which the titles have been granted, how to access the professional rules and a short description of them.

You shall inform consumers about choice of law clauses and what the implications are (e.g. higher standards of protection could apply in some areas such as legal guarantees).