Test your knowledge as consumer

Updated: 8/7/2019

Here you can test your knowledge as a consumer.

1. Which payment method usually gives you more protection?

2. Do you have the right to a cooling off period/withdrawal when making a purchase within the EU?

3. For how long are you able to invoke your right of withdrawal/cooling off?

4. What happens if the trader never informed you about your right of withdrawal?

5. Do you have to bear the cost of returning the product to the trader, after having withdrawn from the contract?

6. When can you expect to receive the products you have ordered?

7. What can you do if your products are not delivered within the agreed timeframe?

8. Can you be responsible for lost or damaged goods during the delivery?

9. The price of the product appeared to be higher than the price stated on the website, do you have to pay the higher price?

10. What do you do if the product you have bought turns out to be faulty?

11. Do you have to pay for products you have not ordered?

12. What is recommended for you to do in the first place, if you have tried to solve a cross-border problem with the trader but he does not act according to your rights?