Medicine from pharmacies online

Updated: 3/17/2015

Do you buy medicines online? Sometimes it is hard to tell whether an online pharmacy is safe and can be trusted. The European Commission has produced a joint logo and guidelines for European pharmacies, in order to help consumers.

Falsified medicines can be ineffective, harmful or even deadly. The Commission has established a common logo for online pharmacies so consumers can stay safe. The logo below was introduced in the middle of 2014, and will be taken in full use during the second half of 2015. 

EU:s gemensamma logotyp för säkra nätapotek.


The logo above is the one to look out for on the homepage of an online pharmacy. The rectangle on the middle left side will have the flag of the EU country where the online pharmacy is established, and the text will be translated into the official language of the given country. 

This is how it works

When you click on logo similar to the one above, you should be taken to the national regulatory authority website, which lists all legally operating online pharmacies and other legally authorised retailers of medicines.

If the pharmacy that you plan to make a purchase from is not listed, do not go through with your order. Use one of the legitimate medicine retailers listed on your national regulatory authority’s website instead.