Card fees within the EU

Updated: 8/23/2019

Within the EU, it is prohibited to charge any extra fees for paying by debit or credit card. This applies both in stores and when you shop online, for example with Visa or Mastercard.


  • You buy tickets online and pay with your card. The seller is not allowed to add any additional fees for paying by card.
  • You buy something and pay with your card in a store in a EU country. The store is not allowed to charge any extra fees for paying by card.


The ban on card fees does not apply to:

  • business cards
  • so-called tripartite networks (cards that are both issued and redeemed by the same company), such as American Express or Diners Club
  • non-card based payment solutions such as Swish.

For these exceptions, it is up to each member state to prohibit or limit card fees.