Have You Received an Offer of Samples from Diet & Detox?


The company Diet & Detox offers free samples, where you, as a consumer, only have to pay the shipping cost. But, what the ad does not say is that the offer is connected to a subscription.

Right now, many consumers are contacting ECC Sweden because of an offer of "free" samples from the company Diet & Detox. The consumers have accepted the offer, without knowing that they are accepting a subscription at the same time. The products sold by the company are, among other things, green coffee and diet pills.

Before accepting free samples

Before accepting free samples, read the terms of agreement thoroughly. In most cases, only then you realise that the offer, in fact, leads to a subscription agreement.

Cooling off and refund

  • You are entitled to a 14 days cooling off period, counted from the day of the first delivery of the samples. If the company do not provide sufficient information on the cooling off period, the time limit is extended to a year.
  • If you want to cancel the purchase, you have the right to a refund, including the shipping cost. However, you should be aware of that you have to pay the return shipping cost of the products. If you have paid with credit card, you can turn to the card issuer and claim a refund.

Unfortunately, ECC Sweden cannot handle your case

Since we are unsure of where Diet & Detox is registered, we cannot handle your case. We only handle cross-border cases within the EU and Norway and Iceland.

Even if a company has a Swedish web page, it does not automatically mean that it is registered in Sweden. However, if you do have a problem with a Swedish trader, please contact the Swedish Consumer Agency's counselling service Hallå konsument.

Tips if you have ended up in a subscription

  • If you want to cancel the purchase - contact the trader in writing. If you have done this within the correct time limit, the trader cannot withdraw any more money from your account.
  • File a complaint to your bank if the trader keeps withdrawing money. Show your cooling off letter. If you have paid with credit card you can get a refund that way.
  • Block your credit card if you are worried, but beware of that you might have to pay for a new credit card.
  • Do not use the received product. Often, the products are marketed as "samples" but in the order confirmation they are called "welcome package" and in order to be able to cancel a product, it has to be unused.
  • Return the unused product. You have to pay for the return shipping cost.