Continued complaints against Consumo LTD


Nearly 500 complaints against the company Consumo LTD have been lodged by the Swedish Consumer Agency and ECC Sweden this year. The company attracts consumers with cheap phones and contests online, which leads to expensive subscriptions that are difficult to get out of.

The Cyprus company Consumo LTD operates under the business names Candyonclick, Coffee Cable, Dentaldelivered, Dermamonthly and Shaver Pack. Through Facebook ads, and fake ads and articles from evening newspapers, the company attracts consumers with cheap electronics from well-known brands, such as mobile phones for 5 SEK.

Example of an ad from Consumo LTD.

The only way you can pay for this is by leaving your credit/debit card details. And when it is already too late you discover that you are stuck in a subscription where the company continues to withdraw 499 SEK from your account.

If you are stuck in a subscription trap

If you jumped at an offer or a contest online that led to a subscription, you should contact the company in writing. Announce that you did not order a subscription or that you want to use your right to withdraw. Ask the company to show what they have charged you for.

If the company has already withdrawn money from your credit card, contact your bank for a chargeback. It is important to document all correspondence between you and the company, so you can show your bank that you have done everything you could to get your money back.

More information

Listen to Lockas med billiga telefoner in P1's Plånboken (In Swedish).

Read the checklists Before ordering and If you have ended up in a subscription trap.