Beware of 1 SEK Iphone Offer


Beware of the Danish company CleanDevice365. An offer to purchase an iPhone for 1 Swedish crown, has turned out to be a way to make consumers enter into expensive anti virus protection subscriptions.

According to reports from consumers to Konsument Europa, The Danish company, CleanDevice365, markets itself on Facebook, offering consumers to purchase an iPhone 6 for 1 Swedish crown, (SEK). In return, the consumer has to register for a 3-day trial membership to the company's services.

The trial membership is an anti virus protection subscription, and in the small print it is clear that the membership will proceed, with 1 month's notice, at a cost of 749 Swedish crowns a month, unless you cancel the membership within 3 days. This will cost the consumer 749 SEK every 30 days.

Image of payment button