Beware of Investing in False Securities


Many consumers report that they have been deceived into investing their savings in worthless securities. The reports, however, almost never leads to prosecution. Last year, hundreds of reports were made, regarding, so called, investment fraud.

The criminal brokers often work from abroad. Swedish people are often good targets for these frauds, since they are interested in shares, and speak English well.

The scammers work professionally during a long period of time, and tries to build up a trust. One or two years may pass before they present their offer. They use professional-looking websites and they may also have arranged a fake market, and print matter for you.

The reports almost never leads to prosecution, and the money usually disappears to China, via Hong Kong.

The Finance Inspection (FI) lists companies you should beware of on their website.

The FI's advice to prevent you from being deceived

- If someone calls, who you do not know, who speaks English, and offers, or speak of investments, the best advice is to say no and hang up the phone, says Lars Malmström at FI to SR, (Sveriges Radio).

Source: Ekot, Sveriges Radio