Are You Planning on Buying a Wedding Dress Online?


Wedding times are approaching, and buying a wedding dress online may seem appealing. The range is wide and the prices may be low. But what seems like a good purchase at first, may turn out to be a real disappointment.

ECC Sweden has during the past few days received calls and e-mails from consumers who have ordered wedding dresses online from various Asian traders. But when delivered, the quality of the dress is not at all as promised on the website.

Should you receive a defective dress - that is, a product that is not in conformity with what you have ordered - from a company in Asia, ECC Sweden, unfortunately, cannot help you, since the company is not registered within the EU, Norway or Iceland.

We therefore urge you as a consumer to be extra careful when ordering dresses from Asian traders.

For more information on how to shop safely online, read our  e-commerce checklist.