Ad from Apoteket is in Fact from Vitality Club


It has come to ECC Sweden's attention that the company Vitality Club are using Apoteket's logotype to lure customers into ordering "free" samples of green coffee. The order leads to an expensive subscription.

This is what the ad looks like:

When clicking the link "Klicka här och få din gratis provpaket", you enter a page with information that is not Apoteket's. If you scroll down the page, you will find that the company name is Regimen Ltd.

Vitality Club is also known as Regimen Oü / Regimen Ltd.

The company Vitality Club is also known as Regimen Oü, alternatively Regimen Ltd as you can see below. The e-mail address says Vitality Club.

ECC Sweden has previously received many complaints from consumers who have ended up in subscriptions after having ordered samples from Vitality Club.

You can find more information in the article: Sample packages and subscriptions.