Watch out for a discount offer on the Ryanair website


The Swedish Consumer Agency and ECC Sweden has recently received numerous complaints from consumers who feel cheated by Älskar Att Spara, who has been advertising on the Ryanair website. This is what to do if you are affected.

Image from the website of Älskar att spara.

When consumers make a booking with Ryanair on the airline's website, the booking process ends with an offer of a discount worth SEK 150 being presented. The company behind the discount call themselves Älskar Att Spara.

Älskar Att Spara is an Irish company that offers consumers discounts from several other companies, in addition to Ryanair. By handing out their contact information, the consumers become members of Älskar Att Spara and their "free" trial period of 30 days starts. The problem is that the "free" period transfers into a subscription.

Both the marketing and the contract terms are imprecise, and it is also not clear that the discount is not offered by Ryanair. Many consumers say that after registering they never receive the discount from Älskar Att Spara as promised, but instead they get stuck in a contract they do not want or might not even be aware of.

For anyone affected

According to the FAQ-section on the Ryanair website, the easiest way to terminate a subscription with Älskar Att Spara is to log on to the company's website. An alternative is to make contact the following way, according to Ryanair:

To contact Älskar Att Spara, you can call us at our toll free number, 0200883344, and we will be happy to solve your problem. Alternatively, you can also email your full name, address, postcode and question to kundtjä or send a letter to Alskar Att Spara, 145-157 St. John's Street, London, EC1V 4PW.

ECC Ireland can assist

If you are unable to resolve your issue on your own, please contact ECC Sweden's legal advisors for further help and assistance. Make sure to have all relevant documentation from your contact with Älskar Att Spara available when you contact us. ECC Sweden is part of the ECC-Net, and also in Belgium, Greece and Poland consumers have had problems with love to save.

ECC Ireland are in direct contact with Älskar Att Spara since the company is based in Ireland. ECC Ireland can report that so far Älskar Att Spara has been very cooperative, and all incoming cases where consumers wanted their money back has been solved.