Warning issued for Vistacloud


The Swedish Consumer Agency has issued a warning for Vistacloud, after receiving more than 30 complaints towards the company during a short period of time. Since the company is based in Denmark, ECC Sweden is the authority best able to help the ones who has been affected. 

Vistacloud is a Danish company that has been offering cheap gift cards through advertising on Facebook. The downside is that the cheap offer has turned out to be connected to an expensive subscription on a digital storage service.

ECC Sweden encourages everyone who is affected by the scam run by Vistacloud, to make contact with the company via e-mail or mail as soon as possible. If you never agreed to a subscription you should dispute this in writing to Vistacloud. It is up to the company to prove that you actually did agree.

Secondly, you can claim your statutory right to a cooling-off period of two weeks. Your can read more about that in the article Your rights on the subject e-commerce.