Read the terms before ordering skin care online


Just last month, ECC Sweden have received 15 new cases against the company Skincenter, regarding trial packages of skin care that have automatically turned into an unwanted subscription.

Print screen of one of Skincenters ads.

Skincenter is a web-based company that sells various types of skin care products, mainly through ads on Facebook which offers so-called trial packages.

Consumers who have turned to ECC Sweden says that they have agreed to a test package for 5 Euros, only to find that they are involuntarily stuck in a subscription which costs 139 euros per month.

Always read the contract terms

ECC Sweden's lawyers have examined Skincenter's contract terms, and in the first paragraph the company states that "when ordering a trial package via the sales channel you enter into a contract subscription."

It is unclear whether Skincenter presents the full contractual terms in their Facebook ads, as ECC Sweden's legal counsellors are yet to see a complete version of the advertising.

If you are experiencing problems

Skincenter claims to be a Danish company in some ads, but in fact the company is registered in Gibraltar which is a British territory located in southern Spain. Gibraltar is known for its advantageous corporate tax which attracts many companies to register there, regardless of where the company originates from.

ECC Sweden's sister office in England, UK European Consumer Centre, has announced that they are happy to try to mediate with Skincenter on affected consumers' behalf. The premise is that consumers have saved all documentation and correspondence and that you yourself have tried but failed to get in touch with the company.

Have you or someone you know suffered problems after having ordered products from Skincenter? Contact the ECC Sweden's legal officers who will assist you with how to proceed.