Increased amount of cases regarding Jobform


In recent times, ECC Sweden and the Swedish Consumer Agency has received hundreds of complaints and inquiries about Jobform. We therefore call for caution regarding the company's offerings.

The web-based company Jobform, offering cheap sneakers in exchange for answering a questionnaire, has eluded Swedish consumers since 2014. Since last summer, the number of complaints and inquiries has once again taken off, and common to the affected consumers is that they are stuck in costly subscriptions in the belief that you just accepted a pair of sneakers.

Jobform is a company located in the UK, but a Danish company is behind the marketing. ECC Sweden and the Swedish Consumer Agency has notified its Danish sister agencies of the total of 300 complaints and cases received from Swedish consumers.

Misleading advertising

In the ads that ECC Sweden have been shown, it appears towards the end of Jobform's advertisement that the offer of cheap sneakers is associated with a subscription. The affected consumers have in many cases not noticed this, but in any case it can be regarded as misleading marketing as the total price for an item or service must be specified at once and in connection with the offer.

This is how Jobform themselves write in their terms: "Jobform Premium is a subscription-based product that will continue at a normal rate after the introductory period if it is not interrupted."