Be cautious when on sales trips in Turkey


ECC Sweden have drawn attention to the phenomenon of aggressive commercial practices at sales trips, especially in Turkey, before. But once again, numerous complaints from affected consumers is being submitted.

During the last year, ECC Sweden have received 50 new complaints involving consumers vacationing in Turkey. Once on site, consumers are brought along on so-called sales trips to more or less deserted areas where they are offered to buy cheap jewellery, carpets and leather products.

The affected consumers describe how they have been subjected to truly aggressive sales methods, where they in the end felt obliged to buy something from the stores which they visited. Sometimes the consumers have not even been let out of a the store until having made a purchase. It has also been proved that the value of the goods in many cases, actually is as low as one-tenth of what the consumers initially have been told.

ECC can not assist

The tour operator TSS Travel Service Scandinavia is the company behind these package tours to Turkey. However, it is rarely the trip itself that the Swedish consumers have complaints about. It is the sales trips mentioned above, that are arranged on site, that gets criticism.

Turkey is neither a member of the EU nor the ECC-Net, and because of this ECC Sweden are unfortunately unable to assist in disputes regarding purchases made in Turkey. Some information is available through Consumers International, which has a website that gathers links and articles to consumers outside of the EU and the US.