Another furniture company mocks consumers


British company Infurn caused problems for consumers wanting to buy furniture online last year, and now it looks like there is a heir. During March, ECC Sweden received 15 new cases against Interior Addict – a company that is also based in the UK.

In just a months time, ECC Sweden have received 15 new cases about delayed or non-delivered furniture and other interior goods from the webshop Interior Addict. The company behind the page is called KMA Republic Ltd and is based in the UK. Several other ECC offices throughout Europe reports that they also have received cases against Interior Addict.

Affected consumers say they do not manage to get in touch with Interior Addict's customer service, and the company's website is no longer available. This approach is similar to what another web based furniture company engaged in last year, namely Infurn, which was the company that was reported the most times to ECC Sweden during 2014.

How to get assistance

Has Interior Addict failed to deliver furniture or other interior goods that you have ordered? These are your rights:

  • If you have ordered an item online it must be delivered within the agreed time. Unless you have agreed on a deviant delivery time with the seller, the item shall be delivered within 30 days from the date that you placed the order.
  • If the goods are not delivered on time, you should call upon the seller to deliver the goods within a reasonable additional time. If the trader fails to deliver the goods within the additional period of time, you are entitled to cancel the purchase. If the order is cancelled, you are entitled to a full refund without undue delay.
  • If you have paid for the purchase with a credit card, you have the right to turn to the lender with a repayment claim in case of a conflict with the seller.

Affected consumers are invited to contact ECC Sweden, and to submit documentation regarding their purchase. This way we can try to assist with mediation efforts through UK ECC. Contact details for ECC Sweden is available here.