Many complaints towards Estonian company Electronova


ECC Sweden have been getting many complaints against the company Electronova OU, situated in Estonia. Frustrated consumers have bought mobile phones through bank transfer from the company, but they have never received any phones nor has it been possible to reach the customer support. 

ECC Sweden have shared this information with our Estonian sister agency, for them to try and mediate with the company Electronova. However, if this is an attempted fraud there is unfortunately not much the ECC network can do.

For ECC Sweden to be able to help we need copies of your order confirmation, receipt and the complaint made towards the company. We also need your bank information, such as IBAN or BIC. If you want our help from the ECC, please file a report through our complaint form. See link to the right.

ECC Estonia have put Electronova in their black list because of their fail to deliver any goods. If you believe that you have been subject to fraud you should file a police report.