Beware of offers from


The Swedish Consumer Agency and ECC Sweden have been getting more and more reports and cases about the auction website

According to the reports, consumers have answered questions in a survey on different websites connected to As a thank you the consumers have received a special offer on a product, but the offer has been connected to a 24 hour long “gold membership” on the auction site After the initial 24 hours the trial membership has transcended into a monthly subscription, at a cost of 34.99 GBP a month.

ECC Sweden sees many similarities in the set up between and another auction site named The ECC have previously received an extensive amount of reports about, and there has also been issued an official warning about the site. 

In similar cases the Swedish National Board for Consumer Complaints (ARN) have referred to 36§ first paragraph in the law about unfair terms in a contract, and ARN has judged that it has been unfair to bind the consumer to a membership in this way. The board have also stated that “automatic signing of membership with an organization can’t be viewed as consistent with sound business methods. The judgements (in Swedish) are available through ARN's chancery. The case numbers are 2012-10618, 2012-09799 and 2012-06628.

If you believe that you have not signed up for a membership with you should dispute the company’s claims and demand a refund. If you and the company are unable to come to an agreement you can report your case to ARN. You should also make sure that the company cannot withdraw any further funds from your bank account, and you can also contact your bank to try to get a refund through them.

The company is registered outside of Europe and therefor can ECC Sweden not help the consumers with problems.