Read the terms before ordering skin care online

WARNING. 15 new cases concerning web based retailer Skincenter the past month.

Beware of Europaspelet and Garantispelet

WARNING. ECC Sweden has received complaints against the companies.

Watch out for a discount offer on the Ryanair website

WARNING. ECC Sweden will try to help anyone stuck with an unintentional subscription.

Another furniture company mocks consumers

WARNING. ECC Sweden have received 15 new cases against British company Interior Addict – in just one month.

Be cautious when on sales trips in Turkey

WARNING. More than 50 complaints have been submitted to ECC Sweden during the last year.

Warning issued for Vistacloud

WARNING. More than 30 consumers fooled by the Danish company.

Look out for false Eurovision-tickets

WARNING. ECC Austria are warning consumers ahead of the arrangement in May 2015.

Don't be fooled when you travel to the U.S.

WARNING. Be careful when you apply for an ESTA.

Beware of unreliable car evaluation sites

WARNING. "No-cost" services can turn out immensely expensive. 

Beware of the company Vita Nordica

WARNING. A sample package can turn into a subscription.