Continued complaints against Consumo LTD

WARNING. Attracts consumers with phones for 5 SEK on Facebook.

Ad from Apoteket is in Fact from Vitality Club

WARNING. Lures consumers into ordering samples of green coffee.

Vitality Club on the Swedish Consumer Agency's Blacklist

WARNING. Nearly 70 new consumer complaints during May 2016.

Are You Planning on Buying a Wedding Dress Online?

WARNING. The quality is not as promised.

Riding Clothes Trader on the Black List

WARNING. ECC Estonia warns against Exklusiv horse wear.

Have You Received an Offer of Samples from Diet & Detox?

WARNING. You get stuck in a subscription.

Beware of Investing in False Securities

WARNING. Many consumers report that they have been deceived.

Beware of 1 SEK Iphone Offer

WARNING. The company CleanDevice365 makes consumers enter into expensive subscriptions.

Car valuation sites are causing trouble again

WARNING. Beware of hidden terms and conditions.

Increased amount of cases regarding Jobform

WARNING. Call for caution regarding the company's offerings.