New service makes it easier to request compensation for flight delays


Today, ECC Sweden launch the service “flight calculator”, which will make it easier for air passengers to find out what compensation they are entitled to when their flight is delayed or cancelled.

When airline passengers are affected by delayed, cancelled or overbooked flights, they are, in addition to service and assistance from the airline, entitled to compensation up to 600 euros according to EU rules.

Many air passengers find the rules difficult to understand, what they are entitled to claim from the airline and where to turn when submitting a claim.

The amount of compensation you are entitled to depends, among other things, on how much you are delayed to the final destination and the length of the flight. The flight calculator makes it easier for air passengers to determine which rights they have when they are affected by delayed, cancelled or overbooked flights and calculate how much they are entitled to claim in compensation from the airline. The flight calculator also makes it easier to submit a complaint to the airline.

If the airline does not respond within six weeks or if you are not satisfied with the answer, ECC Sweden can help by mediating with the airline via its sister offices that are represented in 30 countries within Europe.

For the third consecutive year, Swedes' complaints on air travel has increased in 2017, shows a summary by ECC Sweden. In 2015, 16.3 percent of the complaints was on air travel. In 2017, the share was 30.4 percent.

- The flight calculator will make it easier for affected air passengers to submit their complaints to the airlines. They will be able to, in a simple and rapid manner, request compensation from the airline and are entitled to the entire amount without any deductions, "says Jolanda Girzl, Director of ECC Sweden.

Calculate your right to compensation with the flight calculator (in Swedish only)