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The European Commission has launched a new online platform, aimed to help consumers and traders solve their cross-border disputes. So far, approximately 2000 complaints have been filed on the platform, and a little over 20 complaints concerns a Swedish trader.

A consumer, who is dissatisfied with a product or service purchased within the EU, can use the ODR platform instead of going to court. ODR stands for Online Dispute Resolution.

Via the platform, the dispute is directed to the Member States' national Alternative Dispute Resolution body, (ADR). Today, 159 ADR's from 20 Member States are connected to the platform. The ADR's in the different European countries have been especially selected by the Member States, and suggested to the European Commission.  

Five approved ADR's in Sweden

Are you in a dispute with a Swedish trader?

If you are in a dispute with a Swedish trader you should not use the ODR platform, you should report directly to the dispute resolution bodies via their website.

The platform

  • The platform is user friendly and available in all types of units Consumers can file a complaint in three simple steps.
  • The platform offers users the opportunity to perform the entire dispute resolution procedure online.
  • The platform is multilingual. A translation service is available, should any part be in another European country.

A quick way to solve a dispute

Did you know that...

  • ECC Sweden has been appointed contact point for the ODR?

Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) offers a quick and inexpensive way to solve disputes. On average, it takes a maximum of 90 days for cases to be solved.

The experience of European consumers who have used Alternative Dispute Resolution tends to be positive: 70% were satisfied by the way their complaint was handled through this procedure. This is an additional way for consumers to solve their disputes and will not replace the possibility of going to court, which is however usually more costly and takes longer (only 45% of consumers are satisfied by the way a court handled their complaint).

Traders will also benefit from this new platform, as Alternative Dispute Resolution procedures will help them avoid litigation fees and maintain good customer relations.

More information

For more information go to the article Online Dispute Resolution.

Questions are answered by director Jolanda Girzl, 054-19 40 52. Our legal advisers can be reached via ECC Sweden's switchboard 054-19 41 50.