Latvia stops Carprice advertising


Many Swedish consumers have got into trouble when they clicked on an car evaluation service online. Now the Latvian Consumer Agency act against the car evaluation company

It is deceptively simple to click on an online service for an evaluation of the car. It appears to be free, but the one who fills in the registration and click "continue" will then receive an invoice of between 900 and 1250 SEK.

Car evaluation sites has long been a problem for Swedish consumers. The companies behind the services are sited in Estonia and Latvia, which has hampered the Consumer Agency to intervene. But now the Latvian Consumer Agency acts against the company Carprice. The authority requires the company to clearly show the price on the website and clearly inform the consumer on its right of withdrawal. The company is prohibited to market themselves as they do today.

- We hope that this will stop the company. Our goal with the cooperation with the Latvian authorities is to end the dishonest activities that deceive so many consumers, says Malin Johansson, legal officer at the Swedish Consumer Agency.

Since 2015 until today has more than 4500 consumers have contacted the ECC Sweden, the Swedish Consumer Agency's information service Hallå Konsument and municipal consumer advisors with complaints on car evaluation sites. The real figure is probably larger.

Other companies using the similar methods as Carprice is and

As a consumer you have the right to withdrawal online. The Swedish Consumer Agency recommend affected consumers to use it. Read more in the news article car evaluation sites causing trouble again.

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