Buying a car in another EU Member State: a good deal?


Looking for the real gem, competitive/attractive prices or just a wider choice, many EU consumers decide to go car bargain hunting in another EU Member State.

But what may seem like a simple transaction may quickly turn into an obstacle course: which documents do I need? Where do I pay VAT? Is the car covered by a guarantee? Do I need insurance or transit plates for the way back? Is the foreign vehicle inspection recognized in my country? What to do in case of a complaint against the foreign seller or difficulties with the registration procedure?

To provide you with complete and transparent information, 29 ECCs under the lead of ECC France realised an extensive study in 2015, analysing obstacles consumers may encounter when buying a car cross-border. Practical advice guides through the process from buying a car in another EU Member State or Norway to the registration in the consumer's residence country.

Read the whole press release on ECC France's website.