Consumers still worried about claims from Storm & Mets


A record number of consumers are contacting ECC Sweden, since they have received claims from the law firm Storm & Mets. The law firm has been hired by the car valuation company, Autopriser to collect debts from consumers. However, the consumers receive claims even though they have already contested a claim from Storm & Mets on a previous occasion.

Due to this rush, the legal advisers on our telephone counselling service are extremely busy and the waiting time to get through to them may be long. The response time via e-mail is also long during this period.

The number of contacts have increased by 68%

The year started with a record for ECC Sweden, as far as consumer contacts are concerned. During the three first months ECC Sweden registered 1 659 contacts, which is an increase of 68% compared to 2015 (988).

The company Autopriser is on top of the list when it comes to companies who have caused most problems for consumers during 2015, and they are also on the Swedish Consumer Agency's black list. In addition, most searches made on ECC Sweden's interactive FAQ concerns car valuation services and subscription traps.

ECC Sweden is not the trader you are in a dispute with

A new problem this year is that ECC Sweden, almost every day, receives claims of card payment refunds or subscription cancellation messages - concerning car valuation companies above all - from upset consumers. The consumers believe that we are the company they are in a dispute with. 

Despite ECC Sweden's efforts to inform the public that we are an independent unit within the Swedish Consumer Agency - and therefore not a trader - these claims keep coming.

Questions can be answered by director Jolanda Girzl, 054 - 19 40 52. Our legal advisers can be reached via ECC Sweden's switchboard 054-19 41 50.

Below we have listed answers to the most common questions asked to ECC Sweden:

Is it sufficient to contest once to the debt collection company, and can I contest in writing via e-mail?

ECC Sweden's reply: Yes, it is sufficient to contest once, and you can send your message via e-mail. There are no specific rules on how to contest.

The company directs me to a link with a form where I have to report my social security number, they claim that I cannot contest via e-mail. Do I have to use their form?

ECC Sweden's reply: No, you do not have to use a specific link or report your social security number. To not be able to cancel an agreement via e-mail (within the cooling off period) is not in conformity with what the law says regarding distance contracts and off premises contracts.